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What exactly is Hog Roasting?



Do you cook the hog from raw on site?



How many guests will it feed?




Do you just do hog roasts?



Where does your meat come from?



Does the Roasting have to be done outside?



What are your machines powered by?



Do you have insurance?

Frequently Asked Questions...



Hog Roasting is the method of cooking a whole hog on a spit roast, for up to 8 hours (depending on the size of the pig)



Yes, it is illegal not to, as well as a big health risk

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Depending on the size of the pig, it can feed between 40 and 500 people. Once we know the number of guests at your event, we will be able to advise the size of pig you require



We also offer a BBQ service, where we can roast a wide range of different meats. Vegetarian options are also available on request.



All of our meat is locally sourced from Nixons Farm Shop in Cheshire.

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We can roast at indoor events, providing we have a well ventilated space, at least three meters from any combustible material



Our spit roasters use propane gas, and our BBQ Grill uses either Gas or Charcoal



Yes. We have full public liability insurance